Military Marching Group Hippo

"One for all, all for one!"
The Marching Group Hippo was founded spontaneously in 2001 during the 4 Day's March in Holland.
The founding members were originally five members of different groups. The aim of our Group is maintaining fellowship and encourage contact with other groups with similar interests. For that, we conduct Training-Marches and take part in military marches at home and abroad.
The Emblem, a Hippopotamus (Hippo), was chosen because anyone can become a Member, regardless of the Region or Unit he / she is from.
Our Highlight is the 4 Day's March in Nijmegen (NL), which takes place every year in July. It is one of the largest events of its kind. We encourage friendly contact with the civilian population and the foreign Armies. Always with consideration and respect.
Around one-third of our Members are professional Military, and the remainder are militia Soldiers with various civilian professions. It does not matter what kind of unit each individual belongs to. Important to us, is that the members preserve the principles and values of the Group. Because only together can we pass the 4 x 40 km in Holland.